Industrial Control Solutions

Choose Engineered Control Solutions for Your Industrial Automation Needs

Our professional team of mechanical, process, and electrical engineers can help to guide you through your automation project.

  • Help review and/or develop your P&ID
  • Select or review the appropriate system architecture
  • Develop the wiring drawings
  • Fabricate and install the control panels
  • Provide system start-up
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support for your control system

Refrigeration Control Solutions

  • Compressor Control/Sequencing
  • Condenser Control/Sequencing
  • Vessel/Pump Package Controls
  • Evaporator Units Controls
  • Evaporator Defrost Controls
  • Underfloor Warming
  • Transfer System Controls
  • Purger Controls
  • HVAC Controls
  • Ammonia Detection
  • Engine Room Safety Controls
  • Compressor Micro Support: Frick, Johnson Controls, York, Vilter, GEA/FES, MYCOM, M&M

Boilers, Ovens, and Batch Blending Control Solutions

  • Fuel/Combustion Controls
  • Feed Water & Steam Controls
  • Water Treatment
  • Feed Water Deaerator Controls
  • Multiple Boilers Sequencing
  • Boiler House Safeties

Process Control Solutions

  • Fluid Coolers
  • Process Chillers